Tuesday, March 24, 2009

ലാല്‍ജി ജോര്‍ജ്

A bold NRI venture
WHEN commercial as well as art films fail at the box office, the next course is to tread a middle path. This is exactly what three Dubai-based Keralites have tried to do to give a fresh lease of life to the Malayalam cinema. When V.K.S. Devan and K. Jalal joined hands to produce a film they wanted it to be different. And they have tried to be different in most aspects of their maiden venture, including selection of director and cast.
Instead of going for an established director, they looked around in Dubai for a man to translate their dream. And they found an accountant working in a private firm as the most fit to do the job. Lalji George, whom they picked up, had no experience in making films, but was familiar with the medium as director of a television serial and some documentaries.
The result of this strange union is Chithariyavar, a film that transcends the boundaries separating the so-called 'commercial' and 'art' films. Produced under the banner of Global Creations, Chithariyavar tells the story of the life and travails of Viswanathan, a person belonging to the 'Dalit' community. The story, written by M. K. Harikumar, forms the basis for the script penned by G.R. Indugopan, who is a journalist and a novelist too. Noted actor Sreenivasan plays the main character, Viswanathan, with a supporting cast that includes Maya Moushmi, Divya, Sangeetha, Swathi Mohan, Mundoor Krishnankutty and Vinu Abraham.
K.G. Jayan, who has won many an award, is the cinematographer. Jayan has worked in some outstanding films including some with directors like T.V.Chandran.
The film traces the protagonist's search for his roots and also for his identity. What marks the film out is the unusual subject and unusual treatment. The film was screened for media and film personalities on Saturday and was received well. Many viewed it as a bold attempt.
"I am turning the camera on a class that has not received the attention they deserved. It is a serious film told in a lighter vein," says the director. "I have always loved meaningful cinema. And hence I had decided that my first film would be a meaningful one with something substantial to convey," he added.
Lalji George said he tried his best to narrate the story in a simple manner. He said that the script was such that it suited such a treatment."Producers knew me personally and had confidence in me. Moreover, they love meaningful cinema and hence they have put trust in me. I am sure that I would be able to do justice to the confidence they have bestowed on me," he added.



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