Sunday, March 22, 2009


Director Lalji George is a writer who had penned many stories in leading Malayalam periodicals and has also made some documentaries and a television serial titled Sayoojyam, which was aired on Asianet. His debut film was Chithariyavar

Chithariyavar tells the story of Viswanathan, a person belonging to the ‘dalit’ class and etches his search for his roots and also for his identity. It is Sreenivasan who plays the role of Viswanathan, while he is accompanied in the cast by Maya Moushmi, Divya, Sangeetha, Swathi Mohan, Mundoor Krishnankutty and Vinu Abraham. The story for the film is written by MK Harikumar, a writer and critic. GR Indugopan, a journalist and novelist, pens the script for the film. Noted cinematographer KG Jayan cranks the camera while Johnson scores the background music. Almost ready for release, the film also features the inclusion of some folk songs.

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